This machine has been designed to cut the rabbits front paws. The unit fix the paws in the right position and cut them by a rotating powered blade. The machine is sincronized with the overhead conveyor so the rabbit is exactly in front of the blade during the cut of the paw. The precision of the cyt is approx. +/-4mm if the rabbit length difference in the same flock do not exide 200mm. The rabbits range to be process with the machine is from min 440mm to max 760mm.


Capacidad R/h 1.000
Longitud mm 500
Anchura mm 400
Altura mm 1.200
Presiòn aire Bar 6/8
Presiòn aire m³/h 3
Potencia total instalada Kw 0,55
Peso neto Kg 90
Volumen expedicion 0,25